Can I write-off a personal bad debt? - FAQ - Tax Form Processing LLC
Aug 22, 2004 . Can I write-off a personal (nonbusiness) bad debt? . If the loan was made to a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, other relative or friend, the .

How to Write Off a Defaulted Personal Loan Loss on Taxes | eHow ...
How to Write Off a Defaulted Personal Loan Loss on Taxes. If you are not in the business of making loans, when you make one to a friend or family member it is .

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Can I Write Off Credit Card Interest on My Taxes? - TurboTax® Tax ...
The tax code classifies the interest you pay on credit cards as "personal . So you can potentially take out a home equity loan, use the money to pay off your .

Rules & Regulations on Small Business Tax Write-Offs |
A home office tax write-off requires regular and exclusive use of an area inside or . If you take a personal loan and use part of it to pay for business expenses, .

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Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): Writing off a bad personal loan ...
Aug 27, 2005 . small claims court, legal avenues, repayment schedule: Yes, you can, but there are some IFs. IF you have a written note and IF you have gone .

loan write off corporation tax
I have invested in the corporation as well as sign a personal . Accountant Forums > Taxes > Businesses / Corporations > Write off loan and debt of a . How do I .

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Tax write-off: Better to lease or buy a car? (loan, insurance ...
Nov 1, 2007 . I can write off 50 percent of the interest on my loan payments, . I'm not a tax person, but I think it'll have a lot to do with how much you drive your car too. . which I'll use 50 percent for business and 50 percent for personal use .

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Are personal loans taxable as income
Also, the interest in personal loans may NOT be written off of taxes (unlike that of first and some second mortgages). Improve answer. First answer by IamLostRU .

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